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I have a hosted domain that recently changed their mail filtering. I am not happy with the new setup

I have my email hosted by fastmail.fm. I am extremely happy with them. (They really understand IMAP and the needs to "power" email users).

and am considering setting up my own. Looking for tips on setting up something on my freeBSD 6.1 box.

Running your own MTA is not for the faint-hearted.

My ISP is cablevision IO. Not sure what they allow, ie: whether I can have my hosted domain set to use my cable IP as a MTA

The main question is whether you have a static IP. The IP address that you appear to have sent your message from,, does not appear to be a static IP address.

You will not be able to send directly from that IP to most mail servers on the net. So if you intend to use your system for sending mail, you will have to go through a "smart host" (probably your ISPs designated out bound SMTP server).

Receiving mail directly will be more possible, but tricky. You will need to use a dynamic DNS system. Also do consider uptime and reliability. In the old days, if one MTA couldn't reach another it would hold stuff in its queue for four or five days. Now, most MTAs appear to be configured to give up after 24 hours. So if your mailserver is down for a day, mail will be bounced and never delivered to you.

Also looking for advice on which software would serve me bet in this instance.

exim, postfix and sendmail are all good choices. I personally prefer exim, but I think that someone in your position would do best with postfix.



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