On 2003-02-18 12:08, Matt Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Could anyone tell me how to put spaces in fstab for mount points or
> device names?
> I am trying to use mount_smbfs to mount an SMB share with spaces in
> the name.  However, I am sure this same difficulty would apply if my
> mount point contained spaces, such as /home/me/My\ Documents.  I
> have tried various combinations of \040, escaping, and quoting, with
> no luck so far.

This is impossible with the current implementation of getfsent(3).
You can circumvent this by mounting at a pathname that doesn't include
space or tabs characters and symlink to it, i.e. with this in your

        /dev/ad0s3e  /home/me/my.docs  msdos  rw,noauto  2  2

You can always run:

        # mount /home/me/my.docs

and then symlink "/home/me/My Documents" to /home/me/my.docs.


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