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In the last episode (Aug 25), Robe said:
> > Are you sure your non-root user is using tcsh?  That error message looks
> like it's coming from /bin/sh:
> You're right. I used *set* command in both sessions and I get the following
> for user root shell = "/bin/csh"
> for user test shell = "/bin/sh"
> What the difference between these shells?

Lots :)  sh (Bourne shell) used to be used exclusively for scritping,
and csh was used as the interactive shell, but sh has grown
command-line editing features, and newer bourne-based shells like bash,
ksh, and zsh have extended scripting and cli features.  zsh has quite a
few csh emulation options, if you want to use a bourne-based shell but
still want to use csh features.
> How I can use the same shell for user test?

Take a look at

        Dan Nelson
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