Hi all.  How do I get sendmail to forward off mail coming from a
particular sender to a particular email address?  So regardless of who
it's addressed TO, I want it to forward mail to a different mailbox or to
/dev/null depending on the address.

        So say I get an email going from "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" going to
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]", I want that email to go to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
instead, but all other mail labled for user1 I want it to deliver

        The other situation would be mail coming into from
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" going to any user on my network.  I want to
automatically forward that mail into /dev/null and make it go bye bye.
How do I go about doing that?  Thanks.  If I can't do that, I'll take the
first item instead.  I've got a workaround for the second if it can't be
done.  But I definately need to do the first one.  Thanks for the info!

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