I have a Seagate DDS-4 tape drive hanging off a Tekram SCSI card. I was starting to get random hard resets whenever accessing the drive - as in "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sa0" would get me to the BIOS POST screen in under a second - so this morning I swapped out an unused card of the same model from another system. Hopefully this was just a hardware glitch and the "new" card (which is also 9 years old) will be OK.

This got me thinking, though: has anyone used any of the SCSI-to-SATA adapters to hook a tape drive to their FreeBSD system? More importantly, did it work? I'd just as soon use one of the on-board SATA connectors as an aging boat anchor of a SCSI card if I could get away with it. I mean, I still use SCSI a lot elsewhere, but I'd like to ditch it in this one specific application if possible.

Kirk Strauser
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