I just cvsup'd to the most recent FreeBSD 5.0-release.
And I downloaded the most recent port of
ISC-DHCP3-3.0.1.r11_1 I then configure the dhcpd.conf
in /usr/local/etc When I restart my computer I get an
error that tells me I need "ddns-update-style ad-hoc;"
in my conf file for it to work. So I add that line,
restart, and then I get this error:

old name service update routine line 11: illegal
expression relating different types 
  if (defines (ddns-fwd-name) and ddns-fwd-name != 
can't parse standard dns updater!

http://transamrit.net/files/dhcpd.conf is what my conf
file looks like.

I have set up DHCP in the past with no problems, I
don't know what I am doing wrong here. Thanks for your

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