Greg Larkin wrote:
Jonathan Belson wrote:
| Hiya
| I set up a remote box to e-mail 'periodic' output to me directly.  It
| has now
| stopped working, and I suspect it's because the 'From:' addresses of the
| status
| e-mails is of the form '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' and the ISP has upped its
| anti-spam
| checks.
| I see /usr/sbin/periodic itself uses the 'mail' command to send the
| mails, but I
| couldn't see a command line option to specify a 'From:'.  I guess 'mail'
| uses
| 'sendmail' to send e-mail; is there a simple way of forcing a 'From:'
| address
| via 'sendmail' config?
Hi Jon,

Have a look at this: and
perhaps this, too:

You can rewrite [EMAIL PROTECTED] to appear as though it's coming from a
real email address by using the techniques on those pages.

Please post back here if you run into any trouble!

OK, thanks. After playing with MASQUERADE_AS(), MASQUERADE_DOMAIN() plus a few FEATURES(), I've managed to change the 'From:' address for e-mails sent via the command line. Unfortunately, e-mails sent via the cron-ed periodic scripts still don't get through, although if I run e.g. 'periodic daily' from the command line, the mail does reach me.

The only difference I can think of is that cron runs the scripts as root. Could this cause the difference?


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