Matthew Seaman wrote:
Jonathan Belson wrote:
| | OK, thanks. After playing with MASQUERADE_AS(), MASQUERADE_DOMAIN() | plus a few FEATURES(), I've managed to change the 'From:' address for | e-mails sent via the command line. Unfortunately, e-mails sent via the | cron-ed periodic scripts still don't get through, although if I run e.g. | 'periodic daily' from the command line, the mail does reach me. | | The only difference I can think of is that cron runs the scripts as | root. Could this cause the difference?

Yes.  root is specifically exempted from all the masquerading stuff.
There's an EXPOSED_USER macro you can use in $(hostname).mc to control

Ah, that explains it. There doesn't seem to be a way to remove exposed users, but there is a web page explaining how to stop 'root' being added as a default exposed user:

Instead of doing this, I've told periodic.conf to send its output to my local account on the server, and added a .forward file to pass the e-mail to my 'real' address. Hopefully this will play nicely with sendmail's masquerading.



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