Marc Coyles wrote:
Yes, they did something bizarre.  Ask them why :)


Mornin' Kris / list...

Asked them why and they shrugged and said "we didn't"... So... I
unmounted all the nullfs mounts that it'd allow me to unmount (tmp, dev,
proc and bin were "busy") and then rebooted the box to see if they
reappeared. They didn't. Then I had a bit of a "ting" moment as the
lightbulb 2" above my head flickered into life, and logged in as a
jailed user... Lo and behold, the mounts reappeared. Logged out and
logged back in as my regular user, and the mounts remained.

Should mounts for jail-shells automatically unmount themselves when that
user logs out?? Either way, we know what the "issue" is, and that it
isn't an issue at all... S'just the joys of letting cPanel do something
for you...!

"jail shells" and associated nullfs mounts are something you have configured locally, so I guess that is what is going wrong.


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