Warren Liddell wrote:
When the atapicam module is loaded, it treats ATAPI CDs like SCSI ones,
so you should get names like cd0 and cd1. Can you perform an ls /dev/cd*
and see if these devices exist? I haven't used a SATA recorder in my
machine yet, but since the ata driver attaches to them, I see no reason
they should not work with atapicam. Have you tried burning from the
command line? And have you followed all the post-install instructions in
k3b? (try make showinfo in the port's directory).

I got /dev/cd0 & /dev/cd1

I went through most instructions in the showinfo, although 1 part had me confused ..

/etc/devfs.rules under '[system=10]'  <--- devfs.rules dose'nt exist
Just create the file / section then.

burning from command line works fine but is a tiresome nuisance

AFAIR, k3b and most other GUI burning programs use the command line tools as backends. Since these are working, it is only a matter of settings to making k3b work.
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