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Hello hello!

I got this dedicated server which is exposed to DDoS attacks quite
frequently. Say I need to host a website on it, is there any way of
telling how often it is actually online (to the rest of the world)?

Maybe make some sort of ping script from a remote server?


    You can install nagios and monitor the web server. It will send you an
email when
the server is down and when is up again. With this information you can know
the uptime
of the web server.

I'd have to install Nagios on a different server then, right? I doubt
the actual server knows when its ISP's link drops (or just slows down)
due to an attack.

You can easily get nagios to test the web server sitting on the same machine its installed on and you can also get nagios to ping some external target to test the link. However if the link is down that won't help you, so basically yes it would be wise to have an external
nagios server.

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