I used bluefish a few years ago, then went to quanta and finally settled on (/usr/ports/www/kompozer) Kompozer. Kompozer is an udate to nvu (which was the composer module in Mozilla) as a standalone application. It still produces source code with some Netscapeisms, but it isn't anything that isn't easily cleaned up (when necessary --like to produce html e-mail) in an editor like kate, or kedit.


Gary Kline wrote:

This ought to be On Topic ... for a change.  Re the use of bluefish
--and yes, I've finally gone soft to try to edit a large HTML/PHP file--
when I swipe an area of text and stuff to be centered, and click on the
center icon, bluefish prints:

<div align="center">

but I find the entire file centered then.

If I click on the LEFT icon, it tries to print an <HR>
bar, center, left, right.  (Or, more correctly, it prints the markup
that will yield a horizontal line.)

Anybody know what's going on?  and/or is there an easier markup editor
in ports?



PS: Whatever happened to the good old days when Mozilla had an
editor-mode builtin?

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