Matias Surdi wrote:
I've a directory tree structure in /usr/local from wich I'd like to create a package.

How are pkg_create arguments supposed to be?

Where can I find an example?

I've read the manpage, but an example would be really usefull.

Thanks for your help again.

pkg_create can create packages from your installed ports (or packages), it will not create a mega-package of all your system, if thats is what you are looking for. Of course, you can instruct pkg_create to create packages for *all* your installed programs.

Typical use is something like:

pkg_create -Rb foo-1.2.3_4

(get the exact package version for foo by running pkg_info -Ix foo)

The -R flag will cause packages to be created for all dependencies of foo as well. If you wish to create packages for everything you got installed, you may try something like the following simple script (run as root to avoid weird permission errors in some cases):

for i in `pkg_info -Ea`; do
 pkg_create -b "$i"

(no need for -R here, since you are doing all packages anyway)

Bear in mind some ports can not be packaged due to licensing issues and some others may behave erratically (i.e. sysutils/screen).
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