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For most people that's already happened, except that it's
Adobe-Flash WWW. Google's approach of open-source software, and
open-extensions, leading to new standards, sounds a lot better to

except it leads to google-everything. not even a bit better than

There's a lot of difference. Microsoft has always tried to undermine
standards because standards give its competitors a more level- playing
field, which is what Google needs for its webapps to compete with
Microsoft's desktop applications. I don't see how that's bad for
anyone except Microsoft.

So you mean that google is learning from the Microsoft mistakes. Or
google need to get along with the standards for now, but as soon as
they have
secured the market they will define the standards as they need it to
be for their

Since they are defining standards that are implemented in open source
code under BSD license I don't see the problem.

You can complain the day that Adobe releases the source for Acrobat
Reader, and Flash, under BSD license, and Google closes the source for
Chrome, OK?

I am not saying what they are doing is not good for the community. Like everyone here I thing that's great. Not only because it's one more pice of freesoftware. Also because that will force web developers to use standards instead of specificities only available on IE. I am just saying that what they are doing is for their own good and not for the good of mankind. Their business model doesn't rely on software ownership
but on data mining.


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