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> Gary Kline wrote:
> >     Folks,
> > 
> >     I'm looking at a 3GHz ThinkPad w/out any OS.  It's got 
> >     at most 512M memory and only 40G drive.  The guy I'm going to
> >     have upgrade this l'top thinks it will take a 160GB drive easily.
> >     Also that the RAM might max out at just 2GB.  
> > 
> >     Any fellow TP-people onlist who know if my friend is right?
> > 
> Hi Gary,
> What's the laptop's model number (e.g. 2468-8EU or something similar)?
> It should be shown on the bottom somewhere.
> The IBM and/or Lenovo support sites have a wealth of information where
> you can find your answers, but it helps to know the model number first.

        Ah, okay: that's just what I asked Steve Bertrand, up-queue.
        I haven't bought the laptop yet; have seen a (growing) number of
        these 3GHz for sale on various used sites.  For unix, anything
        over 2.4 is pently reasonable, IMO, so I figure 3.0 ought to
        serve for years.  I'll see if the sellers will give me more


> Regards,
> Greg
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