On Wednesday 19 February 2003 09:20, Stijn Hoop wrote:
> $ mplayer
> http://a772.g.akamai.net/5/772/51/20b9f288dddd83/1a1a1aaa2198c627970773d806

It works great, as usual, I've never had any problems with mplayer.

> - Now check out the mplayerplugin sources, and build it:
> $ cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvsroot/mplayerplug-in
> login (press enter)
> $ cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvsroot/mplayerplug-in co
> mplayerplug-in $ cd mplayerplug-in
> $ gmake
< [...]
> - You're set! Go to http://www.apple.com/trailers/ and explore!

Yes, well it does not work ;-( at least, not under Konqueror.
Thanks anyway.


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