Ivan Voras wrote:
I have the need to start and use service while in single_user mode.  To
this point I'm not able to use 'top' or 'ps' respectively.  In

ps is in /bin, top is in /usr/bin ; unless you a) have your PATH wrong
or b) commonly put /bin on separate file systems, you should be able to
use ps and others in /bin and /sbin.

addition,from the CLI; when I attempt to start services such as
'portmap' and 'sshd' nothing is shown running via 'ps'.  All I see are
the headers when I issue th 'ps aux' command.

Are your world and kernel matched?

This is a failed 4.x to 5.x upgrade which I really don't want to address any further. Currently, as a last effort to save this 'current' install I'm doing a 'make buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel and installworld as we speak. Should this fail I'll continue with the topic of this discussion = "while in single-user mode, start enough services to use 'scp' and 'mv' curcial files over to another machine thereafter do a fresh install on the failed box in question.

I'm sure its possible to do what I'm attempting, but given the crippled
situation of this box, I'm stuck in Single-user mode and need to start
enough services that will allow the use of 'scp' in order to move some
zipped/crucial files from the crippled box to another machine on the
same network.

Until now I've tried fsck -p ; mount -u / ; mount -a -t ufs ; swapon -a

We will try your suggestions once the building finishes (on it own) to first see if the new build process has fixed everything (multi-user) that was broken and if not, we'll follow your recommendation(s).

When you enter single user mode, root file system is mounted read-only
so one of the first things you need to do is "mount -u -o rw /". Next,
you need to mount your other file systems (/usr is usually a separate
file system and that's where ssh lives) so do "mount -a". At this point
you might as well cancel the single-user mode by exiting the shell and
go multi-user.

If there are file system errors. "mount -a" will fail and you'll need to
mount other file systems by hand.

The only errors or warnings we've experienced where listed in the 4.x to 5.x section of the 5.5 /usr/src/UPDATING file with reference to 'userland' The UPDATING said to ignore these errors. Obviously something is seriously wrong with that section on updating from 4.x to 5.x

Enough said, we'll post one way or the other once the build is done.

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