"Brian Henning" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> i guess i am not sure. i really don't know what is out there and what
> functionality i want.
> i think i want to save my mailbox to a repoitory, check it out when i am reading
> it, and write it back when i am done...

If you don't care about keeping history and annotating the changes, unison
(in the ports) will make it easy for you. It's "just" a convenient way to
copy filesets across machines, but it works well to keep a local image of
your mail folders on many different machines. You have to remember to sync
before and after reading mail (or else be willing to merge your changes
manually). Note that it really is just a 2-way syncher. To get it to do
N-way, each of the replicas needs to be synched against a master copy.


  Dan Pelleg

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