+++ Justin P. Michel [freebsd] [19-02-03 00:05 -0500]:
| Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 00:05:53 -0500
| From: "Justin P. Michel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
| Subject: CD Recording
| Greetings,
| Is there an easy process for CD duplication using FreeBSD V4.7-R, and a
| standard IDE/ATAPI burner?   I used to use "Nero" under Windows, but now am
| lost with "dd" and "burncd", as it seems I have to know beforehand how many
| tracks are on the CD's, and what types they are.

# dd if=/cd/drive of=/partion/with/size/more/than/the/cd/tmp.iso \
bs=2048 && burncd -s speed -f ide-cdrw-device data tmp.iso && rm \


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