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> I've had an ongoing problem of freezing. It happens randomly, i feel,
> but sometimes it seems like it happens more under heavy load (but not
> always). I've ran numerous tests: memtest, hard drive tests, cpu load
> tests, basically most of the tests on Ultimate Boot CD, and they all
> finish successfully. Well, i've been able to reproduce the freezing
> during compilation of gnash, or one of its dependencies agg. Does
> anyone have any suggestions?

When you say it is reproduceable, do you mean that it always fails at
the same point?  If you have a truly reproduceable case, then you
could break to the kernel debugger (the procedure is described in --
if I recall correctly -- the Developers' Handbook) and get information
that a developer could use to analyze the situation.

If it isn't reliably reproduceable in that sense, it's still likely to
be hardware, even if software tests have been passing.  Heat-related
issues would be a good guess; perhaps you can monitor some motherboard
temperature values.

Good luck.
Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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