I know that this is pretty far off topic, but I'm asking anyway.

I need to purchase/rebuild a relatively light-weight server for a small LAN. It will run a small MySQL server, DNS, DHCP, nagios, LDAP, syslog-ng and a few other things, serving only a LAN. My previous box running this was a cheapo Fry's reject. I went through two power supplies on that one, before I gave up on it.

My current box is an HP Pavilion Slimline s3220n


that I got at a CompUSA fire sale. Although it is still running, the case near the power supply is very hot to the touch and it is giving off a terrible stench. CPU temperatures are perfectly fine, but I'm taking the smell as a very bad sign. That machine came with many things that I don't use (DVD burner (only used during FreeBSD installation), TV tuner, Wireless, etc) so they shouldn't be drawing any power.

I need something that will run 24/7 in an environment that can sometimes get up to 30C. (I live in Texas, and try not to over do the air conditioning.)

Something with an amd64 architecture would make the transition easier, since I might be able to use my current disk.

So any thoughts or recommendations will be welcome. If people wish to email me off list, I'll provide a summary of responses.



Jeffrey Goldberg                        http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/

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