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> I agree and they do BUT they need a warrant to do so!! That is the
> safeguard.
> With the internet no warrant is needed. There is no protection for
> civil liberties as applies with pohysical mail.

First of all, this is not a civil liberties issue. Are you so naive
that you honestly believe that by using a dynamic IP rather than
securing a static one or using your hosts mail service that you have
made the interception and viewing of your mail by someone other than
its intended recipient impossible? Furthermore, what are you
transmitting that makes you so paranoid? Why not just use some
form of encryption if you are so paranoid?

Your claim of civil liberties is bogus. Consider the rights of other
users, in this case the Postfix mailing list, that does not want to be
inundated with SPAM and accordingly blocks mail from sites that fail
authentication tests. In your case, reverse DNS.


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