So, I moved a RAID5 device between a FreeBSD 6.0 machine to fresh FreeBSD 7.0 machine. When I attempted to mount the device the OS complained that the disk had not bee unmounted properly -- figuring it was probably correct, I diligently dropped to single user mode and ran fsck on the disk.

I ran 'fsck -t ufs -y'. all seemed fine and dandy until I tried to remount the volume after bringing it back to multi-user mode. The disk space was occupied, but it all resided in lost+found with names like : #0000001 , #0000002 etc... !! Each file was multiple gigabytes worth of data without file structures (as far as I could tell)

Is there an way to recover from this problem ? I would be losing quite a lot of data, any help you could give would be appreciated.

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