On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 12:26 PM, Matt Smith wrote:

I have MIT Krb5 installed from ports, as well as the base system
(Heimdall?) kerberos.  I am trying to compile the openldap2 port with
Kerberos support.  Specifically, I am looking to have Kerberos enabled
clients: ldapsearch, ldapmodify, etc.
I don't know how the port is put together (I'm almost exclusively working with Solaris and MacOS X at the moment) but OpenLDAP doesn't need to know anything about kerberos, or even be compiled with Kerberos support. What you DO need is to have OpenLDAP is properly compiled with SASL support and then make sure your SASL installation supports Kerberos, then anything that uses SASL (eg, ldapsearch and friends) should automagically support Kerberos.

Have a look at:


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