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On 9/12/08, Don Wilde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 I want to set up an account for my boy that he can use freely with the
 exception that I can turn off his Internet access at will from my
 root-privilege account. It would be nice if I could also set up a
 limited-access constraint that would allow him some domains with a
 white-list file.

 I'm using KDE4 on 7-STABLE. I need the rest of the accounts to remain
 connected, so a simple ifconfig is not appropriate. He's not experienced
 enough (yet :) to be able to reconfigure things for himself, so if there's a
 KDE config that I can use that'll be fine.

How about a proxy server? Can that be fine? So the proxy will filter
out unwanted stuff or just block the wholly. I am quite sure that a
beast like squid could do this.

squid + dansguardian are a very good choice!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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