Yury Michurin wrote:
> We are currently considering to purchase IBM x3550 with ServeRAID-8k, in
> order to run FreeBSD 7 with RAID5,
> but it is very unclear from what I've saw on the Internet, whether the
> driver support on FreeBSD is stable enough for production use,

I've never had problems with it, and I didn't heard of any serious
problems others had.

> and I've left with many questions unanswered, with which I hope you'll be
> kind to help me =)
> 1. Is FreeBSD supports the device right after install or I need to recompile
> the kernel?

It's available by default. This is the aac driver:

> 2. Is tools for manage the RAID available? If no, how you rebuild the array
> on drive failure (and how to detect it)?

You can use the aaccli management tool :

> I've just remember i had another unanswered question, not related to x3550:
> 3. When I've used FreeBSD 6.2, it had a limitation, that a user can be
> member only of N groups (don't remember exactly, i think N = 15),
> however i couldn't find any official documentation of that issue, nor if it
> still exists in FBSD 7, so is it? =)

It still exists and AFAIK it won't be changed soon because of the need
to support NFS. You could try raising the issue again on the current@ list.

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