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> > Hello. My friend thinks that being a shell provider for IRC bots and
> > bouncers is very good business. How do I convince him it's not?
> >
> > Sorry for going off-topic and cross-post, but I don't know who else
> > to ask.
> I'm serious, I'm trying to get him to use his BSD servers for other
> purposes. Maybe webhosting. Maybe a grid to help out local
> universities in their supercomputing. Or just plain consulting. Isn't
> there any research article out there showing just how silly and
> profitless that whole business model is?

Maybe I am missing something here. The equipment that you are
referring to belongs to your friend and not you, correct? If your
friend is happy with his business model and is not conclusively and
adversely effecting you, what business of yours is it what he does? I
would personally be quite annoyed if some buttinsky
<http://www.thefreedictionary.com/buttinsky> continually interfered
with my business.

Just my 2ยข.


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