Are You Looking For A More Effective Way To Advertise? For those of us trying 
to promote our business, service, product or whatever else, it's a 
constant job to advertise. Some of us have found some really superb ways of 
advertising and some are still dealing with some "trial and error" issues. But 
when people ask me about a few good ways to advertise one of my suggestions is 
groups like MSN, Yahoo or Google. These groups allow you to advertise whatever 
it is your selling, easily, quickly and without stepping over that ever visible 
spam line. The last thing you want to do when advertising your business or 
product is to annoy people by sending them spam-worthy emails! So what can you 
do on these groups? How does it work exactly? Well most likely you will need to 
find the category and subcategory of your business or product that you are 
trying to advertise. By taking the time to do this very first process your 
lessening your chances of posting spam. If you are selling car seat covers, the 
last place that needs to be is in the cooking section! Besides dodging spam 
related acts, you are also targeting your advertising by finding the correct 
category to post it in. That's what you want! If you can't find the 
correct category for what your advertising then you're probably not 
looking in the right place considering these groups have literally thousands of 
categories and millions of subcategories! Although posting to groups is a good 
thing to do, it also can take up a lot of your precious time. So, then what? 
Well there are actual people that will do this for you!. They allow you to 
automatically post your ads on these groups, which saves you incredible amounts 
of time. You can pick when you want it sent out, which groups you want it sent 
to, pick the category and customize your ad to suit your needs. Sounds pretty 
easy right? Well it is! These people offer this service to you for a small one 
time fee. And, from the looks of it, this fee is pretty low considering what 
they give you! So, it's easy, quick, and cheap? Yes! Here's a couple 
packages I found on one site in particular: Ad Package number one: once a day 
ad/message submission (ads posted once daily for life). One-time payment of $25 Ad Package number two: twice a day ad 
submission (ads/messages will be sent two times a day for life) one-time 
payment of $30 Ad Package number three: three times a day ad/message submission 
(ads/messages will be sent three times a day for life) one-time payment of $45 
Ad Package number four: four times a day ad/message submission (ads/messages 
will be sent four times a day for life) one-time payment of $50 Ad Package number five: six times a day 
ad/message submission (ads/messages will be sent six times a day for life) 
one-time payment of $75 Even if you want to just try the service out they allow 
you to buy a once a day ad just to see what sorts of results you can get with 
it. This seems pretty nifty to me. In fact, I am going to go and try this 
service in particular out, right after I'm done writing this! Again, your 
ad or message will be sent to over 300+ combined Google, Yahoo, and MSN groups 
for life. I'm sorry, but this is a fantastic buy and everyone should at 
least try it out!

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