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Hi Martin,

You want to install multiple sites on one server or multiple servers?

One server only

If the former, there is a solution for you at:

That would solve my problem in that case...

I have yet to try this, but will likely give it a shot some day...

If the latter, are your other systems FreeBSD? If so, (and forgive me if I'm 
telling you something you already know) you simply need to run 
portupgrade/portaudit on those systems. If, for example, it's some Linux 
distrobution, see if it has a package management software that will handle 
installing and upgrading Drupal.

In all cases, portupgrade will not do everything for you. You still may have to 
run update.php sometimes if a particular update needs to have databases changes.

Ok but my question was more focusing on the handling of multiple installation of the same port by portupgrade. If it's possible to install the same port multiple times, how is portupgrade going to deal with this?

Thanks for your response!


Genuinely hope this helps! :)
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FreeBSD <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 09/16/08 10:31 AM >>>
Hi everyone,

I've been asked by a customer to install Drupal on one server to manage a new site. No problem yet. But, he also asked if it would be possible to install it for other sites.

I know that there is a warning if you want to install a port that is already installed, but is there a way to bypass this? I know I could install it from the tarball from the website, but I want to be able to use portupgrade and portaudit to deal with it.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time,

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