Up until a few days ago I had no problems and Kaffeine was able to play 
whatever I threw at it .. now .. after upgrading to version 0.8.7 (under KDE 
3.5.10), no matter what I try to open, I always get a "Loading of player 
part 'XinePart' failed" error message widget ...

Here's the output:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% kaffeine testing.ogg
kaffeine: No DVB device found.
kaffeine: PLAYLIST
kaffeine: PlayList: add 1 items to playlist
kaffeine: PlayList: Check for kaffeine/noatun/m3u/pls/asx playlist
kaffeine: PlayList: Try loading kaffeine playlist
kaffeine: PlaylistImport: 
kaffeine: /usr/home/gonzalo/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/playlists/NEW.kaffeine
kaffeine: Window manager: KWin found
kaffeine: Kaffeine:: Try to load service: xine_part
kaffeine: This is a KaffeinePart...
kaffeine: XinePart: Creating new XinePart...
kaffeine: XinePart: Using xine-config file:
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Using default config file ~/.xine/config
kaffeine: PlayList: add 1 items to playlist
kaffeine: XinePart::openURL(): /usr/home/gonzalo/testing.ogg
kaffeine: XinePart: Got single track
kaffeine: XinePart::slotPlay()
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Using xine version 1.1.14
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Post-init xine engine
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Use audio driver auto
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Use video driver auto
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Init video driver
kaffeine: XinePart: destructor
kaffeine: XinePart destructor: calling saveConfig()
kaffeine: KXineWidget: wireAudioFilters() - xine stream not initialized, 
nothing happend.
kaffeine: KXineWidget: wireVideoFilters() - xine stream not initialized, 
nothing happend.
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Shut down xine engine
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Set CD/VCD/DVD path back
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Save xine config to: /home/gonzalo/.xine/config
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Close xine engine
kaffeine: KXineWidget: Close xine display
kaffeine: KXineWidget: xine closed
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% kaffeine: Kaffeine: destructor
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% uname -sr
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% kaffeine -v
Qt: 3.3.8
KDE: 3.5.10
Kaffeine Player: 0.8.7
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]% locate xine_part

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)
Gonzalo Nemmi
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