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> At 2008-09-16T14:40:15-04:00, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>> The CVSROOT/config file supports "LocalKeyword".
> Is it supported in the version of CVS that comes with the base system?
> It didn't work for me with the system CVS.  According to the CVS CVS
> repo at http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/cvs/ccvs/ the LocalKeyword
> mechanism was introduced with CVS 1.12.2.  The system CVS in FreeBSD
> 7-STABLE seems to be 1.11.17.  I think even the tagexpand capability
> comes through FreeBSD patches to that version.

I thought that was how the "FreeBSD" keyword was implemented.
LocalKeyword was widely supported with patches before it was added to
the official CVS development tree...

The comments in the CVSROOT-src/config file seem to confirm that,
although I'm not sure where the definition is *really* added.

I'm too lazy to track it down now, though.  To be (even more) honest,
I have a strong desire *not* to be a CVS expert.
Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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