Hi guys...

I've been experiencing a weird increase in the percentage of CPU Load...

It was weird cause after i logged in..just that second the load begins
to decrease....so i assumed there was maybe some backup or cron
running...And as i was busy i didnt have the time to investigate....
Now i took a little depth look and found that whenever someone Logs in
or when i su - to root the load goes up to 3.5..when the avg load on
the server is 0.4....

it happens with all shells.....i thought it was a tcsh thing cause is
the one i use..so i change my login shell to bash and the same....then
i noticed that sshd also increases pretty bad the load...so the
question is how can i fix this...or how can i at least try to trace

Cheers and thanks in advance for any answer, hint you can give me

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