Leslie Jensen wrote:
I've just got myself a new laptop. The ethernet card is the above. I found a readme file on how to install the driver, and there's also instructions on where to download this driver. When browsing to Intels download center and finding the right driver one is directed to the FreeBSD homepage! I'm a bit puzzled here because it's not obvious to me where to find the driver. Will someone shed the light for me, Please?

I've installed FreeBSD 7.0 amd64 and it does not identify the NIC proberly.


Can you try a prerelease of 7.1, it has the igb driver which I suspect will support that nic:


Also would you mind posting the output of pciconf -lv which we could use to be more sure which driver you need? I would personally be interested in that output plus the dmesg output because I plan to buy the same model laptop and I think you are the first person to be found on the web running FreeBSD on it :) Thanks.
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