Andrew Berry wrote:

I've got a server which will be upgraded to my "castoff" parts which support amd64. This machine has been running Freebsd since the 5.0 RC's, starting on a P2 233Mhz, upgraded incrementally for a few years - a real testament to the stability of a FreeBSD install! What I've done in the past while upgrading is simply move the drive, and rebuild everything with an updated make.conf optimized for the new processor. Can I simply rebuild the world (or use freebsd-update), and portupgrade everything to rebuild for amd64? Or, will things break as libraries are upgraded which still have 32-bit dependancies on the system?

This is a pretty common question, did you try searching the archives or google for the answer?

Also, AFAIK upgrading to a 64 bit system allows access to additional registers on the CPU, leading to a performance increase. The system will only have 1.5 gigs of RAM, so that's not an issue, but are there any benchmarks out there comparing performance on < 4GB hardware with 32 bit and 64 bit Freebsd?

Performance is not a single number. Sometimes 64-bit systems can be slower, sometimes faster. Run it on your own workload or look for a narrowly tailored benchmark and see what happens for you.

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