Quoting Brent Wiese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Anyone using 5.0 on a multi-processor system?
> Later 4.X versions seemed to be pretty stable but haven't seen anything
> about 5.0.
> I have a chance to replace a very high load single proc server doing a
> lot of PHP crunching with a dual p3 550 and wondering if that's a
> smarter move than getting a newer p3 1ghz+. Its definitely cheaper since
> I already own the dual-proc...

I've had issues with /stand/sysinstall failing to run and locking up the host on
Compaq 1850Rs while booting from the 5.0 CD.  I've not tried to further diagnose
the problem, as I'm still happy with 4.7 and other tasks have drawn my attention.

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