> I've been trying to find anything that fits the
> bill. My only
> requirements are:
> * That it works with amd64 (on FreeBSD, obviously).
> * That it supports Xvideo.
> * That it has decent 2D performance.
> * That it works with wide screen resolutions (so I
> guess basically
> modern hardware + modern driver).
> Unfortunately, the 'nv' driver has significant
> performance issues so
> nVidia cards are out. I love what ATI is doing with
> the radeonhd
> driver, but no Xvideo yet.

what i really want to tell u is that a modern x server runs quiet smooth with 
x1650 series. I'm experiencing a little slow down when opening windows but when 
it draws it draws fast. Videos? Well played! it feels like almost the edge 
between the good and the evil. it is not so expensive and i think it should be 
available used, agp thats what u want!

p.s. slow drivers? seriously?

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