I'm half way through working around the problems trying to
install FreeBSD on a new Compaq Evo desktop.
The only install CD I have is 4.6-RELEASE, but these problems
don't seem to be version-specific.

Here is where I'm up to, and hopefully someone can point me closer
to completion. Please excuse only partial information. I have very
limited access through the firewall, no GUI. Output from the new
machine can only be transferred to this email via the pencil device
if necessary.

At first, the install CD wouldn't boot at all, saying "BTX halted".
A search of the archives told me to disable DMA in the BIOS, or
downgrade to an earlier BIOS. I did the former and completed the
basic installation and reboot without drama.

Now I have to do something about the two devices that come up
as "unknown" in dmesg: audio and ethernet.
pci0: <unknown card>(vendor=0x8086, dev=0x24c5) at 31.5 irq 5
pci5: <unknown card>(vendor=0x8086, dev=0x103b) at 8.0 irq 5
The important one is pci5.

Again a mail archive search showed someone had a similar problem,
used pciconf -l and looked up /usr/share/misc/pci_vendors to
investigate, then suggested "Is it enough to add 0x103b to the
ident table?". He did, and apparently it worked fine.

That seems to be what I need to do, and the same 0x103b turns out
appropriate for my device. I have two questions:

  What/where is the ident table, and unless it's obvious, how do I
  put the number in?

  If the nic effort is successful, can I follow similar steps
  to try to get sound going?

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