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Hi all:

I am trying upgrading some packages and having problems. for example:

home# pkg_delete mysql-client-5.0.67
pkg_delete: package 'mysql-client-5.0.67' is required by these other packages
and may not be deinstalled:

ok, if i removed it via "pkg_delete -f" and replace it with new
version (5.1), then what would happen to packeges like apach2.2.9.5,
php5-5.2.6_2 ...? are those packages would fail?

Usually you can do something like this:

  portupgrade -o databases/mysql51-client -f mysql-client-5.0.67

which will replace mysql client 5.0.67 with 5.1.26 or whatever the
patch levels have got to, while preserving the records of what depends
on mysql-client.

However, in this specific case, that will cause everything to pretty much entirely stop working as there is an issue to do with changing the ABI version number of the MySQL shlib. In this case you would also have to
go on and do:

  portupgrade -fr mysql-client-5.1.26 -x mysql-client-5.1.26

to relink all of those applications. Remember too, if you have WITH_MYSQL_VER=50 defined in /etc/make.conf then do change it.

You can achieve the same effect with other ports management applications
like portmaster but I'll leave working out the precise command lines as an exercise for the student.



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