The error message: Can't create a new thread (errno 35); if you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug

Our website started getting this error several weeks ago (when we increased the number of application server machines connecting to the database from 5 to 7. It seems to happen anywhere from every 2 days to once a week, there does not seem to be a consistent pattern. Our CPU utilization, memory utilization, and number of HTTP Requests seem to be at "normal" (they are no where closed to being maxed out). When this error happens we CAN log onto the server with the MySQL database, but I CAN NOT use the mysql client to connect to the mysql database (localhost connection as root) - it reports the error mentioned above. The way we temporarily solve the problem is to restart one of our web servers.

Here is our technology stack:

Web Servers: 7, Each server has:
  4 Gb of Memory on each server
  FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p9
  2.4 GHz CPU
  Apache 2.2
  Webware for Python
  Python 2.5

DB Servers: One Master, Two Read Only (replication)
  4 GB of Memory on each server
  FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p3
  MySQL 5.0.1

We have tried bumping up our number of max allowed connections (up to 1000) on MySQL and kern.ssize to 512Mb for FreeBSD. That did not help. The max connections usually hovers ~300, so it does not even get close to the 1000 we have set. Finally the last place that we have looked is the openfiles, it is set at 20,000 for the whole system, with 14K per process on the FreeBSD operating system.

Here are some relevent items from my.cnf:
 - set-variable = max_connections=1000
 - set-variable = key_buffer_size=384M
 - set-variable = read_buffer_size=64M
 - set-variable = read_rnd_buffer_size=32M
 - set-variable = thread_cache_size=20

Any help would be much appreciated.

- Sam Nilsson

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