Hi ;

 I installed  eclipse(3.2.2) from  ports , in my FreeBSD-7.0 RELEASE box , 
where diablo-jdk-15.0 installed 
but when I start   eclipse    getting a splash message  as follows ... 


JVM terminated. Exit code=1
-jar /usr/local/eclipse/startup.jar
-os freebsd
-ws gtk
-arch x86
-launcher /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse

-name Eclipse
-showsplash 600
-exitdata b000f
-vm /usr/local/bin/java
-jar /usr/local/eclipse/startup.jar 

in TTY i am getting error 

java: error: no suitable JavaVMs found

How can I solve the issue with eclipse3.2.2 in FreeBSD7.0-Release with 

 I got you contact from this post : 


 Your valuable tips most welcome ..  That may help me to fix this issue..

Thanks in advance


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