We had a power failure at the datacenter we colocate at, and all our
servers went down. 

        One is acting up ever since. It rebooted but wasn't accessible. I
tried to log in via our KVM and got the login/pass, but when it did the
/etc/motd and rest it locked up. CTRL-C and CTRL-\ didn't do anything. 
The remote KVM could C-A-D and the machine rebooted.

        Once it rebooted it seemed ok, but then locked up again while in use.
The odd thing was I remembered to try CTRL-T, and got :

load: 0.00 cmd: login 1188 [sysctl lock] 0.00u 0.00s 0% 176k

        on the session I was trying to log in on, and on the session I was
doing a tail, I saw :

load: 0.00  cmd: tail 2013 [proctree] 0.00u 0.00s 0% 0k

        I could tab between VTYs, but logins wouldn't accept input, and
I couldn't C-A-D this time around. I could telnet to a special port on it
for monitoring and get a reply, but SSH/sendmail didn't reply.

        Its a FreeBSD 5.5 (I can't upgrade it, sorry)....

        Any clues what to look for?

                        Thanks, Tuc
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