Ok so you dont use `+host' etc as per the man pages.

Can you please send the relevant parts of syslog.conf on a remote server
on lanx.domain.com. Do you mean remote server syslog.config:
local6.*                @

Steve Bertrand wrote:
Laurence Mayer wrote:

Over the last couple of days I have been trying to get syslogd to log
messages received from remote hosts to different files.

I have read the man pages:


However it is very confusing what exactly to add to the syslog.conf
file. I have tried numerous variations but still no success.

Could someone please tell me or
send an example of their syslog.conf file showing how this is done.

Granted that there is likely more than one way to do it, heres how I do
it (in the servers syslogd.conf):

local6.*                                        /var/log/lanx.log
local7.*                                        /var/log/fortigate.log
mail.debug                                      /var/log/barracuda.log

...each log file represents a different remote host delivering the log
data. So, on lanx.domain.com, I point the syslog service to the IP of
the server, and tell it to use local6 as the facility.

I then start syslogd on the server as such:

/usr/sbin/syslogd -a -a \
-a -f /etc/syslogd.conf

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