This sends the logs of local and remote machines to both the /var/log/message AND TO /var/log/remote.

So it actually duplicates /var/log/messages.

Does this work in your environment?

Can you clarify the -a IP1/mask1 etc?


Wojciech Puchar wrote:
I have read the man pages:


However it is very confusing what exactly to add to the syslog.conf file. I have tried numerous variations but still no success.

example on serwer
*.*                                             -/var/log/messages
*.*                                             -/dev/ttyvb
*.*                                             -/var/log/remote

this will log all OWN log to /var/log/messages, 12-th console and to server

and will log all incoming messages from other hosts to /var/log/remote

of course - in rc.conf don't forget to add

syslogd_flags="-a IP1/mask1 -a IP2/mask2 ...."

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