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> On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Brian Henning wrote:
> > i have a really silly question, but i have looked and tried different
> things.
> > how do i start staroffice. i cannot find the binary? i ran the install
> program
> > after i installed the port. i trying running the binary ./soffice after
> the
> > install and all i get is the setup program. any suggestions?
> Is your home directory on a local or NFS-mounted disk volume? Staroffice
> 5.2 seems to show some strange behaviour when setting up its ~/office52
> directory on an NFS-mounted volume.

No it doesn't.  Not, that is, if it is installed from the ports.
(Installing the Linux Version from a CD isn't so hot, YMMV)

If installed as Brian appears to have done, he simply needs to be in his home
directory and type "office52/soffice"


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