This question comes from complete ignorance about this stuff (what
happens when turning off sendmail), but if I turn off sendmail will
system messages still get delivered?  Also, I'm going to be using this
box as a web server and I'm using Joomla!.  If I turn this off, will I
still get the notifications that new users have signed on, etc.?  I'd
like to turn it off because the box doesn't sit inside of a fully
qualified domain (it sits inside a 192.168.x/24 network), but will
host web services for  Obviously, requests
sent to on port 80 are forwarded to this box (actually,
internally it's  Also, (for those who have endured
helping me work through the issues with our mail server) until I get
things worked out with DNS this new server will not be hosting e-mail
for this domain (, that's temporarily being done at
google mail.

So, basically, what sort of trouble am I going to get into by turning
off sendmail?  Also, I think I'm going to implement DNS, an internal
thing, to make this box happy and then point the resolver to use the
Internet DNS servers for everything else.

Thanks for any help,

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