Hi Wojciech Puchar,

The reason I want to use hardware RAID is because I got so much problem with
software RAID5 4 years ago on FreeBSD 5.4. I still remember those
nightmares. Furthermore, hardware RAID5 doesn't require much knowledge and

But you could be right, the CPU speed is triple now, software RAID gets
smarter and more stable, it could perform better than hardware RAID because
it's more flexible. But again, I still prefer hardware because it's easy to
use and easy to manage. 
Thanks all the tips Wojciech Puchar,



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> SATA using 1MB IO transfer size, I don't know! I think the SATA system

SATA drives aren't much slower than SCSI.

simply make this 1MB IO transfer size.

as you still want "hardware" RAID5 it looks you simply read maybe every 
second word from my mails we exchanged privately.

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