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Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 10:33 AM
Subject: Trying to build imap-uw to allow plaintext passwords

> I have been trying to build the imap-uw port to allow plaintext
> passwords for a long time now... Trying with all different
> possibilities when compiling, even suspending the make before it
> actually compiles and going into work and doing the changes
> that is noted in the imap-uw source, but nothing works.

It just so happens I very recently compiled a new imap-uw myself, as I
needed drac built in. :)

> Doing make with SSLTYPE=none is not working. Doing make
> with WITHOUT_SSL=yes doesn't work... Nothing work.. imapd will refuse to
> not use SSL.

Try it like I did:


Compile BOTH cclient and imap-uw with these parameters (well, "WITH_DRAC=1"
only if you need drac support, of course). First compile cclient with these
options, then umap-uw, and you'll have a shiny new imapd waiting for you to
login. :)

- Mark

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