On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Stefan Cars wrote:

> I have been trying to build the imap-uw port to allow plaintext passwords
> for a long time now... Trying with all different possibilities when
> compiling, even suspending the make before it actually compiles and going
> into work and doing the changes that is noted in the imap-uw source, but
> nothing works. Doing make with SSLTYPE=none is not working. Doing make
> with WITHOUT_SSL=yes doesn't work... Nothing work.. imapd will refuse to

Hi Stephan,

        You need to do this with both cclient and imap-uw:

        make WITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT=yes

        Best Regards,


        Brent Sims, Customer Satisfaction Manager
        WebOkay Internet Services, LLC
        Phone (719) 595-1427

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