2008/10/1 John Almberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> First, I wanted to say how great this list is. I'm a newbie FreeBSD admin
> and, besides the Handbook and "Absolute FreeBSD" (which never seems to leave
> my desk), this list is the best resource I have.
> I just had a huge scare today... One of the websites on my server uses a
> large Mysql database. Somehow, one of the tables got corrupted today.
> I have been blithely backing up mysql with a simple cron script that ran
> mysqldump every night. Simple, reliable, and I've never needed it.
> Today, when I realized the database was corrupted, I scrambled for my
> backup, and realized that if I hadn't caught the problem today, tomorrow my
> backup would have been overwritten, and I would have been... well, not a
> happy camper.
> Again, I have run into a problem which is stupidly obvious to experienced
> admins, I'm sure. I want to slap myself, but don't have time. I'll do that
> after I have a better backup system in place.
> I am just about to dive into Google in search of a solution, but thought I
> would fire off a quick request, in case there is an obvious solution that
> everyone uses. If there is, a name or URL will do. I'll figure out the rest.
> Any hints much appreciated. Not going home until this is fixed...

I'd recommend
very easy to set up.

Zbigniew Szalbot
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