I've just installed a Canon Pixma iP4500 on a 6.3 system using CUPS and 
gutenprint. Black printing is fine but I've got problems with colours. 
The colour wheel on the CUPS test page comes out as a psychedelic 
collection of brightly coloured rings. If I print from gimp then the 
correct colours appear but they are very dark and "muddy". The colours 
start to look a bit more reasonable from the gimp if I push the gamma 
value up to 2.

This isn't a physical problem with the printer, I get good results when 
printing from Windows.

Should I be able to get correct colour rendering "out of the box" or do 
I have to fiddle about with the multitude of output control adjustments 
available on the CUPS admin panel?

Or should I be using something other than CUPS, that's what I've always 
used so far but I'm happy to try alternatives if necessary.

Mike Clarke
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